If you’re considering purchasing iKnowMed EHR software, there are a few things to consider. This system is designed specifically for oncology physicians and was developed by McKesson Corporation, a large company in the United States. It is an excellent choice for oncologists, independent practitioners, group practices, and even large hospitals. Here are some of its features and benefits:

iKnowMed Oncology Regimen Support System

iKnowMed Oncology Regiment Support System reviews have shown that a number of oncology specialists find this system to be extremely helpful in guiding patients through treatment decisions. Its features are flexible enough to accommodate the needs of physicians from small solo practices to large cancer care facilities. The system also has the ability to record patient notes, which is a great feature for those who are constantly on the go.

As a web-based EHR, iKnowMed offers clinical quality support and regimen management for oncologists. It also integrates with Lynx Mobile, a patient portal that engages over 280,000 patients. This software also offers customizable features and capabilities to participate in various payment systems and to improve overall practice performance. This allows physicians to track patient outcomes and manage their practices’ revenue while reducing the burden of paperwork.

Mobile-optimised access

With the iKnowMed Generation 2 EHR, you can take your patient charts with you wherever you go, no matter how many screens you have open on your mobile device. It also gives you instant access to patient charts, messages, and upcoming appointments. As a part of the iKnowMed software, you can even get access to your patient records through your smartphone or tablet.

iKnowMed is a web-based EHR designed for oncologists and hematologists. It is certified for Meaningful Use, has an intuitive design, and is accessible from most mobile devices. It offers customizable features, comprehensive point-of-care treatment decision support, and mobile-optimised access. It is also fully compatible with Lynx Mobile, the inventory management system for oncologists.

Elation EMR Software Guider

If you’re considering purchasing an EHR for your practice, you’ve probably come across the Elation EMR Software. With a clinical-first approach, it can help you manage your patients’ records, book appointments, and view provider schedules. Its three-panel console provides a complete picture of a patient’s medical history. A clinical profile helps you keep track of key health data, and it pulls issues into assessment forms. This EHR can help you reduce the number of clicks you need to make to complete a task, such as ordering a lab test. The software’s affordable price tag and HIPAA certification make it an excellent choice for small practices.

The EHR is HIPAA-compliant and ONC-certified. This system empowers primary care physicians to be more productive and efficient by automating key patient check-in processes. It includes patient engagement features that engage patients before their visit and streamline administrative tasks. It also gives physicians deep insights into the performance of their practices. There’s even a patient portal that makes the process more convenient. The Elation EHR software has great reviews from satisfied users.

Meaningful Use certification

The iKnowMed EHR is a first-stage Meaningful Use certified EHR with more than 1,550 providers using it. Developed in partnership with McKesson Specialty Health and US Oncology Network, the iKnowMed software is compatible with other EHR systems and meets the needs of cancer specialists. It also supports the latest interoperability standards, ensuring the exchange of patient care details.

Its appointment scheduling system enables you to access patient charts at any time, anywhere. This feature helps you make appointments and manage them better. The system will send reminders to your patients if there is a medication conflict, a significant toxicity level, or a medication omission. It will also provide a detailed cancer regimen library, improve your patients’ safety, and reduce no-shows. The iKnowMed EHR also provides an inventory management solution and a robust e-prescription module that facilitates the ordering of medications.

iKnowMed has been recognized as a top EHR platform for oncologists, hematologists, and urologists by the Black Book Rankings, a publication of Black Book Market Research. It is based on feedback from 27,000 validated EHR users. Its performance was measured across 18 key metrics to determine which EHR vendors meet the highest standards for healthcare. iKnowMed received top rankings in 12 performance areas, including a focus on community-based oncology practices.


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