User-generated content (UGC) can be defined as any content such as videos, text, reviews, images and more. It is the work of your customers, not by you.

Users share and create posts about your business and expose your services and products to their acquaintances and fans. You can also use the content to reach your customers, thus increasing your reputation. Content created by users is fantastic because it:

Promotes authenticity:

Customers are 2.4 percentage points more likely to consider the authenticity of content created by users compared to content made by businesses, and this will give you an essential boost in your credibility.

Create trust:

Today, customers need to know what they’re getting before they make a purchase – 33% of millennials don’t take a meal if the restaurant’s Instagram account doesn’t convince them. Thus, user-generated content that provides testimonials from actual customers is always an excellent idea.

Purchases made with the Drive:

Most people believe that the user-generated content they see on Facebook dramatically influences their buying decisions. This is a huge factor for businesses that use Facebook to increase sales.

In the above example, Mud and Bloom shares user-generated content to market its nature boxes designed for children. As well as repurposing UGC to create posts for your main feed, It’s an excellent idea to add it to your Facebook Stories and a casual place that allows you to share many UGC that people can click through.

Engaging Facebook Post Ideas That Make Your Fans Feel

Social media platforms are used for personal expression, so when they see an article or post expressing their feelings, they’re likely to interact with and post.

Spiffy is an online store that offers products that help people lead happier and more fulfilled lives. In this case, it presents the image of a persona that resonates with its customers – people aren’t all in their best form every day.

It’s not likely to generate lots of responses due to its nature. However, 213 shares and 54 likes prove that Spiffy followers found it a source of inspiration and were eager to share it with others.

Let your audience know that you’re sharing their values.

Another method to get your audience members engaged can be to make sure you share posts based on their values.

Your target audience wants to be reassured that the beliefs of your product or company match their values.

The Company Who Cares (which provides toilet paper made from recycled materials) posted a blog about how the supply of toilets directly affects the dropout rates for female pupils.

This is a cause they are directly involved in and that their fans are passionate about. The participation rate shows that – 29 shares and 230 likes.

There’s no better way to encourage your followers to respond and engage with their Facebook updates than to make them smile followerspro.

Sharing with your followers their sense of humour is one of the easiest methods to ensure they come back to read more of your content, particularly in the case of content they’ll like to share with their acquaintances (to help them feel and look cool).

In this case, it is Monzo, and the UK lender Monzo posts a screengrab of the February 2021 month in which it demonstrates how well the weeks are aligned and wishes that the savings accounts of its customers are similarly synchronized.

It was a popular idea with the supporters and generated a lot of laughs, likes, and even love.



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